MLS Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Laser

Used to increase healing and decrease pain/inflammation. Therapeutic laser therapy is based on wavelength, power and frequency. Increased power means increased energy into tissue, but different wavelengths are absorbed at different levels so knowing the wavelength is important to target inflammation, bactericidal or pain relief. Power determines time required to treat. Frequency allows you to […]
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Thermal Camera

The thermal camera shows us a colorful visual map of your pet’s body to help discover areas of heat/inflammation and chronic/long term change. It provides a visual map of vascular, neurologic and musculoskeletal function via thermal gradients of radiant heat. This can assist in discovery of areas of potential musculoskeletal stress even before they have […]
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(VSMT) Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (VSMT) is a health care system that allows us to treat areas of decreased motion and discomfort. VSMT uses a high velocity low amplitude thrust into a specific joint and direction via a specific anatomical manipulation. The VSMT adjustment can have numerous neurological consequences beneficial to the body and nervous system.
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Acupuncture allows the patient’s own body to participate in the healing process via the nervous system. Medical/Western acupuncture is based on the neurological interaction of nerves, vessels, fascia and muscles to promote balance of various body systems. The neuromodulation can improve function and balance of the nervous system as well as reducing pain, supporting the […]
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