Therapeutic Laser

MLS Laser Therapy

Used to increase healing and decrease pain/inflammation. Therapeutic laser therapy is based on wavelength, power and frequency. Increased power means increased energy into tissue, but different wavelengths are absorbed at different levels so knowing the wavelength is important to target inflammation, bactericidal or pain relief. Power determines time required to treat. Frequency allows you to use increased power without heat/damage to the tissues. Pulsed lasers treat pain whereas continuous treats inflammation, stimulation of blood/lymphatic system and reabsorption of fluids. Laser is used to treat: pain from arthritis, disc disease, acute/chronic sprains/strains, tendonitis, bursitis, acute/chronic otitis and gingivitis, skin lesions (hot spots, anal gland issues, lick granulomas, clean/infected wound healing), cystitis. We can also use laser to treat acupuncture points for animals that will not allow acupuncture.

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