What is Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy?

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Joint dysfunction (segmental dysfunction) can lead to regional dysfunction which can lead to dysfunction of the entire body system. For example, areas of dysfunction in the shoulder or pelvic areas can lead to changes in gait pattern with can lead to pain in other compensating areas of the pet’s body. Also, if you have dysfunction in areas nerves exit the spine which innervate and influence organs (like the intestinal tract) it can cause other clinical presentations (diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, etc…).

This VSMT technique primarily stimulates GTO (golgi tendon organs), decreases muscle spasming, increases firing/function of large diameter neurological fibers leading to inhibition of pain/small diameter fibers, increase cortex function, and influencing sympathetic tone. This encourages plasticity and facilitation as well as a well-functioning cortex. Plasticity is the ability of the nervous system to edit and reform it’s connections. For example, plasticity is the basis of memory, gait, and can help the body recover after damage including spinal cord injury, stroke and disc disease. The cortex controls the response of the central nervous to the input the body provides, so a well-functioning cortex will lead to a well-functioning body and body systems. For the athlete this helps them achieve the best health possible and maintenance of the body and it’s systems to help prevent and to recover from injury.

VSMT can be used to treat pain, areas of restriction and overall maintenance and health.