A little bit of Trouble

Trouble is my Border Collie that currently does agility. I have used all my modalities and a conditioning program to keep her at the top of her game. Even with that injuries/accidents still happen.

Trouble has damaged her superficial digit flexor in her front right leg while running around in her yard at home which has required shockwave, therapeutic ultrasound, laser treatment and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it has left her with a slightly hyperextended toe on that foot, but it should not cause any long-term consequences.

Recently, she was at a national event and managed to damage her medial collateral ligament on her right front leg but different toe. This injury is more significant. Initially, we worried this was a Grade 3 strain to the medial collateral ligament and a partial to full of the lateral as well. This would have required amputation of the toe.

Luckily, at the trial Dr. Chun who is a rehabilitation specialist was able to get us an appointment at Animal Medical and Surgical Center. With ultrasound she was able to diagnose a Grade 2 strain of the collateral ligament. Although there isn’t a lot of support holding the toe from luxating/displacing, which can be very painful, there is still scaffolding to potentially repair. If left untreated it can fully rupture requiring amputation.

I have been working diligently with her over the last 6 weeks using PRP, superpulsed cold laser treatment and therapeutic ultrasound to treat the damage. She has just been released to go back to training with buddy taping of her toe, so our fingers are crossed.