Sports Rehab & Conditioning

For sports patients we use cutting edge techniques and technology to help your athlete perform at their best and healthiest state.

Our sports medicine conditioning and rehabilitation programs utilize manual therapy, conditioning, weight shifting, muscle strengthening, weight optimization and re-education/strengthening the muscles of stabilization. 

We will also give owners guidance in conditioning, stretching, massage and exercises at home to help them achieve their goals.
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How It Works

For sports patients we hope to provide improvement of performance, more rapid exercise recovery, stress resistance, prevention of injury, coordination improvement and retraining of poor form. To achieve this, we will use goniometry to assess passive range of motion (PROM), the joint motion and limitation of muscles/tendons, flexibility, intra-articular issues (meniscus or bone), joint capsule, pain, swelling. Gulick tape to assess muscle girth (used initially and to assess progress) and physical assessment to assess strength.

We may use some of the treatment options listed below well as manual therapy to help patients go into movement on their own and within their comfort level. With therapeutic exercise we will use physio balls, therabands, rocker boards and cavalletti poles for front to back balance, endurance and strengthening. 

Specialty Services & Equipment

Due to their fur and ability to hide their injuries this tool can be instrumental in diagnosing which leg/area of the animal is affected. It uses ultra-thin sensors and innovative scanning electronics to provide objective bio-mechanical data. This information helps us to identify areas of problems in gait, asymmetries and weight bearing to help make […]

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PEMF therapy can help your pet recover from their sports conditioning or rehabilitation sessions. Electromagnetic Field Therapy can be used for the treatment of  fractures, failed fusions, and arthritis in pets. The device produces electromagnetic fields which activate Nitric Oxide, which can promote accelerated healing. This therapy will aid in building oxygenation of the tissues, boosting your […]

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Used to increase healing and decrease pain/inflammation. Therapeutic laser therapy is based on wavelength, power and frequency. Increased power means increased energy into tissue, but different wavelengths are absorbed at different levels so knowing the wavelength is important to target inflammation, bactericidal or pain relief. Power determines time required to treat. Frequency allows you to […]

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Shockwave allows us to stimulate healing of tissues.

Shockwave uses sound waves that oscillate and can travel through gas, liquids and solids. They have an extremely high energy single peak, which is how it differs from ultrasound (which has a low periodic peak).

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Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (VSMT) is a health care system that allows us to treat areas of decreased motion and discomfort. VSMT uses a high velocity low amplitude thrust into a specific joint and direction via a specific anatomical manipulation. The VSMT adjustment can have numerous neurological consequences beneficial to the body and nervous system.

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