Acupuncture allows the patient’s own body to participate in the healing process via the nervous system. Medical/Western acupuncture is based on the neurological interaction of nerves, vessels, fascia and muscles to promote balance of various body systems. The neuromodulation can improve function and balance of the nervous system as well as reducing pain, supporting the immune system and digestive system. The parasympathetic system is responsible for rest as well as digestive processes and function. Whereas, the sympathetic system is responsible for the fight or flight mechanism. This system can be in overdrive with patients experiencing pain. Some conditions treated with acupuncture are: pain from arthritis and/or muscle tension, post-surgical/traumatic pain, nerve injury (weakness, paralysis), disk disease, cystitis (bladder inflammation), allergies, lameness incontinence, immune issues, reproductive issues, wound healing, digestive disorders, cranial and peripheral neuropathy, respiratory disorders, and dermatological issues.

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